Spring is Coming, and Not a Moment Too Soon


This sign made us smile while we waited in a long line at the car wash recently.


Another snow day. It’s been a rough winter here in the Northeastern US. We wonder if our Butterfly Bush will survive the cold. The Rhododendron’s leaves are rolled up so tight, they look like pencils. When we shovel, there’s no place to put more snow.

What brings a sense of hope is that March has now arrived. With that more cheerful thought in mind, we bring you a visualization to music that is one of our favorites.

Visualization is a form of Meditation. It employs images to take the listener on an inward journey of personal discovery. Music adds another dimension to this process as it resonates in the body.

Click on the button below to go on your own journey.


If you’d like to listen to this atmospheric music all by itself as well–we use Claude Debussy’s Nuages played by the Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy–click on the button below.

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2 Responses to Spring is Coming, and Not a Moment Too Soon

  1. Judy Krings says:

    Thanks for the sweet visualization/meditation. I, too pray my butterfly bushes help their ground and raise their sweet heads of lavender, pink, purple, and white. Cheers for your swing into spring collection here I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Carol says:

    LOVE this!! Great job!! Love that this was short enough to just enjoy and savor for a few moments 🙂 A nice break in my day!

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